About DigiValet

DigiValet is an iPad based guest room solution for luxury hotels. DigiValet offers an easy to use interface for guests to use room controls, Television control, Movies on Demand, Order Food, Read Newspaper and much more.

Since its launch in 2010, DigiValet has been the in-room solution trusted by the world's best hotels. Its list of satisfied clients include The Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa - Dubai, The Oberoi, The ITC Maurya, The Torch - Doha, The Leela Palace - New Delhi.Learn More

A World-Class Experience

DigiValet is renowned for working with the most prestigious hotels around the world. We
are recognized for providing hotels with cutting-edge technology that transforms each guest's
in-room experience from excellent to exceptional.

  • Intuitive In-Room Controls

    DigiValet features the most intuitive room controls ever designed to match your hotel's signature style. With  DigiValet, your guests will never have to look for another light switch, curtain edge or thermostat control again. Each button is available in multiple languages, allowing your international guests the convenience of quickly and easily controlling every part of the room.

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  • A Little Something For Everyone

    DigiValet makes figuring out the TV and sound system of a guest room easier than ever before. Simply and elegantly designed icons on the touchscreen provide all the options, at your fingertips.

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  • Luxury Services
    At Its Finest

    The hallmarks of a luxury hotel are its impeccable in-room service, spa amenities and concierge service. DigiValet elevates the guest experience by allowing the guest to view photos, videos and descriptions of all the available services.

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  • Information On-Demand

    DigiValet is the pioneer in offering newspapers on demand to the guest room. Offering over 1,500 publications from over 90 countries and 55 languages on the handheld device, DigiValet is a green option by eliminating the need for multiple newspapers in stock while offering a wide choice to the guests.

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  • A New World
    of Promotions

    DigiValet opens up new and interactive ways to communicate with guests through the device. Tent cards and flyers are a thing of the past as DigiValet brings together hotel merchandise, allied services, and partner products and services.

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  • Personalized

    DigiValet is a valuable partner in achieving guest satisfaction. It captures the personal choices on items such as thermostat temperature and allows the guests to create their own music selection and TV channel favorites of the guests during their stay. These preferences are recorded into the guest profile within the Opera system. Upon next arrival of the guest to the hotel the DigiValet system personalizes his rooms based on his preferences.

    DigiValet works with property management systems like Opera to store information on the guest's preferences.

  • Multilingual Capabilities

    DigiValet is a truly multilingual product. The entire guest interface of the device, including labels, hotel information and descriptions and even the menu, can be adjusted to languages. The guest will simply selects the desired language on the touchscreen. If the guest needs any assistance in making the language selection, the front office can make the necessary change from its terminal.

  • DigiValet introduces Guest Device Music Streaming

    Now Guests can tune it to their favorite Music stored in their devices and play it through DigiValet application on their Hotel room’s TV. This has been made possible through DigiValet’s new feature, which integrates with popular device platforms such as iOS, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry etc. The highlights of this feature are its Ease of use and Security mechanism.



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