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Hi-tech next.
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What gets our team of engineers, designers, technologists and creators out of bed every day is to make some magic.

Whether creating an in-room ambience with fragrance and circadian lighting or enabling a customised outdoor expedition or serving as an always-by-your-side virtual patient-attendant, Digivalet fuses technology and intuitive design to create guest facing innovations that integrate and talk seamlessly with your systems.



DigiValet for hospitality helps in automating and personalising guest experience across spaces and touchpoints, within and beyond the premises. Registration. Arrivals. In room. Entertainment. Dining. Wellness. Discoveries. It has you covered. It also helps hotels manifest and augment their branded experiences in unique ways.

From personalised lobby greetings, seamless registration and key card generation, the arrival experience has never been so smooth and personalised. The platform’s capabilities include butler management, digital concierge services, cloud-based contact-less guest journeys, dining management and preference-tailoring.

It elevates guest experiences as also their engagement with hotel associates. It has the ability to capture guest preferences to help make their experience even more amazing upon their return.

For details we would be happy to schedule a demo.


DigiValet for Health offers seamless virtual assistance & patient-centric experience at hospitals. This not only helps manage anxiety but helps the hospital leverage intuitive technology for improved outcomes. DigiValet brings its expertise in making life and recreation amazing for guests, to healthcare firms that seek top of the line patient experiences.

Helping patients recover fast and comfortably is our endeavour. From next generation patient in-room control and entertainment experiences to upscale facilities like meal ordering and dietary tools, wellness dashboard, patient education and retail cross selling – Digivalet for Health puts patients, families and their comfort first.

Nurse-call assistance, triaging patient requests on order of priority, 3 way video calling for health updates and care-education modules help the hospital operations with smart efficiencies.

For details we would be happy to schedule a demo.


The DigiValet for Living platform is best suited for Later Living, Serviced and Branded Residences. It promises to make your living spaces just that. Living and responsive to your needs, commands and preferences. The suite of applications is extensive and includes room automation, virtual concierge services, on-app facility management and access services. Thoughtful and attentive 24 by 7.

DigiValet’s solution helps residents to simplify and integrate all touch points for living, wellness, recreation and access. It lays a world of convenience, tech-enabled smarts and access, right on an app. All, while you concentrate on what you do best – living life on your terms.

Our solution includes Automation systems, Resident preference management, Access control systems, Property management system, Ala-carte services management, Amenities management, Dining and recreation management and Communication systems and Analytics modules.

For details we would be happy to schedule a demo.


We keep it simple,
sweet and long

Amazing technology and user-centric design distils our product experience into the simplest and yet most seamless form.

With a “think-people” first approach our applications and platforms remain extremely intuitive and simple for your customers to use. And yet manage the most complex tasks for you. By simplifying access to services with a tap or a voice, we ensure that your customers do not waste valuable time on planning and following up with staff.

This approach has made for some of the longest and most lasting relationships we have with leader brands around the world. DigiValet is the pioneer of iPad and Voice based experiences as well as IoT in hospitality and now the healthcare and branded residence space.


Never still.
We think our
For us innovation
is relentless.

We love working on the next. The next experience, the next need, the next generation of interactions, the next appropriate technology.

We are working on interesting projects in London and some critical markets where we are using technology to help clients monitor life and health goals like walking steps, water consumption, health targets.

Our team is also working on a very innovative technology to predict what would be the impact of aging on people and that has a bearing on later living solutions of the future.

Our comprehensive analytics, operational insights and data driven culture have allowed our clients to scale their business model.

Have a problem to fix? Or one you anticipate?

“There is a big difference between
making a simple product and
making a product simple.”

– Des Traynor